Paul Robeson’s Adventures

A comic series starring an imaginary Paul Robeson (kind of the gospel singer, but not quite). Sought for his unique timbre, Paul has something else to offer, something fatal.

This series started at my astonishment after listening to Paul Robeson’s cavernous tones for the first time. It conveyed in me images of a merciless ogre-like creature. But what if a popular singer used his ability to be the focus of crowds of people to satisfy his darkest instinct? For Paul, it’s incontrollable.

The images are static, though every episode is individually drawn, to convey a feeling of repetition and predictability. I use fine liner pens of varying thickness to produce an old-fashioned feel which jars with the dark humour. The watercolour backgrounds are clouds cast on the place where Paul sings.

The Nursery

The Cruise Ship

The Orphanage

The Weapon Convention


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